BGR Jacobs & Partners originated from the firm of Mr Eric Olivier, who practiced independently since1992. A company was founded during 1998 and the company’s name changed to JF Jacobs & Partners Incorporated in 2000 and has been practicing under the name of Jacobs & Partners until 2014 when it was changed to BGR Jacobs Bester Griessel Incorporated.

On 1 December 2000 the practice of Jacobs & Partners and Hermias van Zyl (trading as Theron du Plessis Worcester) merged and Hermias now practices in association with Jacobs & Partners. Due to the merger, the offices at 60 Russell Street became too small and we were looking to move to larger offices.

After negotiations with the Church Council of the NG Mother Church Worcester, it was decided that the CJV Hall would be converted into offices and since 1 September 2001 the firm practiced from the CJV Hall at 25 Adderley Street, Worcester. The firm outgrew its office space once again and moved to the current premises at 38 Adderley Street on 23 September 2015.

Worcester is situated in the Breede River Valley on the N1 between Cape Town and Johannesburg, some 100 km from Cape Town, and the famous Route 62 between Wolseley and Robertson. The town is surrounded by Brandwacht, Overhex and Langeberg Mountains with the Hex and Breede River passing nearby the town.


The BGR Association enables a number of small and medium-sized Boland auditing firms to share best practices and training by consolidating their knowledge and capacity to perform more audits. In operation since 2004, the BGR brand has established itself to convey quality, experience and knowledge of the highest standard at an affordable price.

Over the years the BGR associate offices’ service areas have expanded from primary audit services to a full suite of business solutions. The combined customer base extends nationwide and covers all industries and sectors. It’ s BGR’s focus to ensure specialist knowledge in each service area to address each client’s unique needs